Things to know before buying a mixer

There are only a few things to consider when buying this mixer:

What level of power do you need? 99% of home cooks will be well served by the basic Artisan with tilt head. If you cater, cook for a crowd even occasionally, or bake large lots (more than 2 loaves at a time), go for more power. (insert Toolman grunt here)


Do you want the lift or the tilt? After reading tons of info online, IMO this boils down to 1) which model are you familiar/happy with, if any (buy that one; you will probably not like a change); 2) do you want to keep it in a place where the space needed to tilt it up will be inconvenient, and you’ll be irked pulling it out for use and pushing it back when done (get the lift); 3) you might be bugged by having to wrestle the attachments out with the bowl down in the lift model. Apparently there’s not much space and you have to detach and lower the attachment, then wriggle it out thru a small space while covered with whatever you are mixing. In this case, buy the tilt; I had tilt for almost 20 years and thought the lift might be better, but have opted for the tilt on my new model after reading about it. – mythumpa

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After that, pick your color and warn your credit card that this might sting a bit. These are AWESOME machines. Mine sits quietly under its (custom made quilted bluebird) cover for long periods when I’m not in the mood to cook, then I use it and fall in love all over again. Easy to use, smooth operation, more power than I’ll ever need to cook for 2, easy to clean, easy to store, sleek and beautiful. I fully expect it to be part of my estate sale since no one in the family is likely to appreciate it enough to keep it. The lucky buyers will probably pass it down to their kids.

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