Bought this amazing Zojirushi bread machine

My trusty Hitachi bread machine needed to be retired after 22 years of loyal service. I’ve become so dependent on it through the years that I knew I would be lost without it. They don’t make that one anymore and I’ve researched others in the last couple of years, but could never quite “pull the trigger” on a different brand since I’m so used to that one. I haven’t actually baked in it for many years, because I never liked how the loaves turned out, so I just use it for dough. But it gets a workout for sure!


After having it almost refuse to turn on a couple weeks ago (the start button didn’t want to work) I started researching once again and came across this Zojirushi. I was hesitant after reading the reviews of uneven loaves (which isn’t a huge deal if you want to babysit it and push one side down before it bakes). I was also concerned about it holding up in the long term, plus the size of the machine was a bit large for my taste. But after finding more complaints with other models, I decided to give this one a try. I have to say I’m in LOVE with this machine!!! I’ve only had it for a week but everything has turned out PERFECTLY! The loaves have baked evenly and so much higher than I expected, no babysitting needed.

The texture on the crust is FABULOUS and so is the texture inside, and no weird holes in the center that I would usually cut off and throw away, so no waste! I LOVE the fact that I can make cakes and jam in it, plus, my (grown ) son who is gluten free, can enjoy some of my homemade bread too! I didn’t realize that the loaf sizes are bigger in this one than my old one, so I’m not sure how I will change the recipes that I’ve used for years, to make them fit in this machine. I haven’t played around with them yet, but I’m sure I’ll make them work somehow. I have made 3 loaves so far, one honey white, one lemon cake and one cinnamon raisin. They all turned out perfectly.

On the cinnamon raisin, I added in about a quarter cup of raisins at a time at the beeps, closed the lid and let it mix for a few seconds, opened the lid and added more, scattering them around each time instead of just dumping them in one spot at once. They all mixed evenly within the loaf. I don’t like how the add in beeps happen whether you are adding things or not, but I can live with it. And I wish it would keep mixing with the lid open, but that too, I can live with. I only hope this machine lasts at least 10 years….then I’ll be super happy!

By T. Jackson