I Love Hong Kong 2013

Eric Tsang and stars are back with another “I Love Hong Kong” franchise this Chinese New Year with a story that is set in the 1970s, a decade of economic growth and prosperity for Hong Kong and the citizens. The young and naive Sung Chi Hung (Bosco Wong) meets the cunning Ha Shek Lam (Michael Tse), who introduces him to a job at a Chinese restaurant.

Both of them fall in love with the restaurant owner’s daughter Yeung Yeung (Kate Tsui). On the other hand, Yeung Yeung’s best friend Chu Yuk Yuen (Joyce Cheng) is willing to do anything to attract her crush Shek Lam’s attention. After many years, Chi Hung has aged with his wife and already become the owner of the old restaurant. However, they must face Shek Lam, who wants to purchase their restaurant for his own financial interest. Under the helpless situation, the couple turns to seek for help from the Chinese Angel (Eric Tsang).